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Sirena Vacuum with Brushes




Dust, dirt, dander, and other air pollutants are sucked into the basin


Clean water in the basin traps 99.99% of dirt and dust


Clean air is vented into your home through a HEPA filter

Sirena Water Based Filtration

Bags and Filters Do Not Work

Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Sirena doesn't require bags to collect dust and dirt. A large 3.5L basin filled with water is where all dust and dirt gets trapped. Water never clogs the way most bags, or filters in bagless vacuums, do.


Sirena cleans 100% of the time — at 100% efficiency. When the air is pulled inside, it is forced to pass through the water where the contaminants (e.g. dust, pet hair, dust mite droppings, etc.) are trapped in a swirling bath of water.


A rapidly spinning separator prevents the water from entering the motor. The air is then forced through a washable HEPA filter which retains anything that didn't get trapped in the water (usually less than 0.01% of all particles).


Finally, the clean, water-washed air is exhausted back into the room.

Suction versus Airflow


Vacuum companies boast about their suction, but does suction clean? The answer is NO. Cleaning ability comes from airflow, not suction. Example: you are vacuuming and you notice a piece of lint. You go over it but it stays on the carpet. You check: you have suction, but no airflow.


You  pick up the lint, throw it into the hose and continue to vacuum. If your vacuum cannot pick up a piece of lint, it is not picking up dirt either. The bag would be heavier if it were actually getting the sand and dirt out.


Have you seen the dirt left under your carpet? You must have AIRFLOW to clean efficiently. 

Sirena Vacuum Airflow.png
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